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DMV shuts down half day to prepare for REAL ID rush

As more Californians head to their local Department of Motor of Vehicles field office to apply for a REAL ID card, the department is stepping up its efforts to shorten lines and train employees to process REAL ID transactions.

The DMV announced Thursday that more than 50 field offices — including those in San Francisco, Daly City and San Mateo — will open at 7 a.m. four days a week with the exception of Wednesdays, when offices will continue to open a 9 a.m. The new operational hours take effect July 1.

Starting Oct. 1, 2020, the federal government will require anyone flying within the United States to have REAL ID card.

The DMV suggests the best time to apply for one is when your driver’s license or identification card is up for renewal.

On July 24, field offices statewide will close half a day to better prepare employees for REAL ID transactions.

Kathleen Webb, DMV acting director said in a statement:

“Our employees are at the heart of every transaction we perform. With this commitment to training, we can ensure they have the proper tools, knowledge, and experience to provide excellent customer service to the people of California.”

State officials have criticized the department for not preparing for the influx of REAL ID transactions, causing lengthy service delays.

Some legislators have called for an audit of the DMV, but a second effort was rejected by lawmakers.

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