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Concord man accused of threatening to kill Jews, police out on bail


An alleged Nazi sympathizer who built an illegal assault rifle and threatened online to use it against Jews and police officers made bail over the weekend, the Concord Police Department said Monday evening. Investigators say Ross Farca, 23, legally purchased the rifle frame and then built it out in an illegal fashion.

He allegedly commented online about shooting Jews, using the rifle in a mass shooting at a synagogue, and targeting police officers responding to the scene.

That prompted another internet user to notify the FBI, which tracked the comments to an address in Concord and notified local police. When officers served a search warrant at the Concord home Farca shares with his mother, they allegedly found the rifle along with Nazi literature, camouflage and a sword.

Concord Police Department

Ross Farca, 23, was arrested at the Concord, Calif. home he shares with his mother after the FBI was alerted to threats to kill Jews and police he made online. Officers allege they found Nazi literature and an illegal assault rifle. Farca pleaded not guilty to three felony charges, was released on bail and is scheduled to return to court on June 25, 2019.

Farca was arrested and charged with three felonies for criminal threats, possession of an unlawful assault weapon and unlawfully manufacturing an assault weapon, all of which he pleaded not guilty to Thursday.

A judge set bail at $125,000 and Farca was released over the weekend. He’s scheduled to return to court next Tuesday.

The Anti-Defamation League, an international anti-hate group, called this case evidence of the ongoing potential for radicalized individuals to perpetrate mass shootings.

Anyone with information that could be used to stop such a mass casualty case is urged to contact the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force at (415) 553-7400. Hate crimes can be reported to the Anti-Defamation League on their website at

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