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Walnut Creek considers permit regulations for sidewalk vendors

In response to a new state law significantly limiting cities in how they regulate sidewalk vendors, the Walnut Creek City Council on Monday will discuss proposed new regulations.

The proposed new regulations would require permits for “all stationary and roaming vendors selling food or merchandise from a non-motorized cart, stand or other conveyance, or from one’s person, on a public sidewalk or public pedestrian path” within the city of Walnut Creek.

To this point, Walnut Creek municipal code has prohibited commercial sales on streets and sidewalks except for permitted special events, newspaper racks and certain restaurant outdoor dining facilities. City code also regulates “itinerant merchants” selling goods or services from a structure, street, vehicle or other places on a temporary basis; this may include sidewalk vendors.

But as of Jan. 1, Senate Bill 946 amended California law to limit cities’ ability to regulate sidewalk vendors. The bill decriminalized sidewalk vending activities and afforded additional protections to vendors against local regulations.

Monday’s special Walnut Creek City Council meeting begins at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 1666 N. Main St.

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