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New Haven teachers strike continues after failed negotiations

The afternoon optimism of a possible agreement between the New Haven Teachers Association and the New Haven Unified School District had dissolved by late evening after more than 12 hours of bargaining talks at the Alameda County Office of Education in Hayward, both sides said Monday. As a result, the strike and negotiations will resume on Tuesday.

“Both sides adjusted their respective last, best and final offers,” according to a statement by district officials.

The union, which had previously sought a 10 percent pay increase over two academic years, instead requested a 3.7 percent for the current year and 3.26 percent for 2019-20.

“Our members pay all healthcare costs out-of-pocket,” the teachers association said in a release. “We know the district can afford to give their teachers COLA (cost of living allowance) to help us keep up with the rising cost of living in the Bay Area.”

The district, however, says meeting that offer “would cost the school district approximately $17.7 million over three years and would increase the amount of cuts in 20/21 by $11.7 million more than the planned $4.6 million, totaling $16.3 million.”

The district said its latest offer is “a one-time, 3 percent off-the-schedule pay increase for 2018-19 and an ongoing 2 percent on-the-schedule salary increase for 2019-20” and the teachers association has responded that the offer “is still not ratifiable by our members.”

Hopes were raised Monday afternoon when the teachers association said there was progress in talks and that there was hope an agreement could be reached.

The walkout by teachers in the 11,000-student district started May 20.

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