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Supes call for doubling fees office developers pay toward affordable housing

Fees that San Francisco collects from developers who build office space are long overdue for an increase.

Vlad Jr., Blue Jays impale Giants, opener Vincent

Going into Tuesday’s contest with the Blue Jays, the Giants had a negative-37 run differential in 40 first innings...

Warriors easily dispatch weary Blazers

The entire night had the feel of a regular season game in January.

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  1. Not only daylighting, we need protected intersection designs with pedestrian refuge islands. Being able to safely cross a street and focus only on one direction at a time doubles the amount of time everyone will have to notice oncoming traffic, greatly improving safety.

  2. Daylighting would also make those intersections safer for drivers and cyclists. On most of the Avenues, turning right onto Lincoln is risky because you don’t know how much time you have to get up to speed until it’s too late.