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Inmates testify about alleged sexual encounter, payoff involving former guard

Two female inmates in a preliminary hearing on Tuesday detailed their account of an illegal threesome they allegedly had last year with a former Contra Costa County sheriff’s deputy, who was then working as a guard at the West County Detention Facility.

Jane Does One and Two were seen flirting with Patrick Morseman on the evening of March 30, 2018. Defense attorneys say they passed him a note asking if he wanted to have sex with them.

He allegedly gave the women permission for Jane Doe One to hang out in Jane Doe Two’s cell, then later that night he allegedly took off his duty belt, went into that cell and had oral sex and unprotected vaginal intercourse with both inmates.

The encounter ended while Morseman was having sex with Jane Doe Two. Jane Doe One told him to leave. Later that night he came back, telling the women not to talk about what happened and asking them what it would take to keep them quiet.

They gave him a note, which was entered into evidence, asking for $500 each as well as cigarettes, a lighter and methamphetamine. The next day, Jane Doe One found $300 in her commissary account. Prosecutors gave her immunity in that matter after Assistant Public Defender Jonathan Laba expressed concerns with regard to self-incrimination through her testimony.

Both women testified before Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge Claire Maier during the morning session, though Jane Doe Two had her testimony cut short by the court’s lunch break. Morseman’s preliminary hearing is scheduled to resume Tuesday afternoon.

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