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‘Chaotic’ sideshow pushes Oakland police resources, staffing to be added

Oakland police said on Monday that they will work with other law enforcement agencies next weekend to try to...

Mother fights off kidnapper, witnesses detain suspect

A mother was able to save her 2-year-old son from being kidnapped by a stranger Friday in San Francisco’s...

Warriors choke on 31-point lead as Clippers make history, seize home court

It took all of six quarters of playoff basketball for the Golden State Warriors to become bored with themselves.

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  1. It’s a shame that many drivers are not more responsible and that it’s so easy to spot people failing to stop and making illegal u-turns and double parking everywhere! We need to get tough on drivers because given the current state of driving, we cant rely on people to follow the rules on their own. Also we need to stop this cat and mouse game. Uber and Lyft drivers are already being tracked by phone, why shouldn’t they be tracked for safety? And why stop there, people who have a record for bad behavior, DUI, multiple excessive speeding tickets, should all be required to have monitors. They should be required by their insurance agencies and required by police. Remember, driving is a privilege, not a right. People need to be protected from abuse of privilege.