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Credit card skimming devices found at Santa Cruz gas station

The Santa Cruz Police Department is warning residents about credit card skimming devices recently found at area gas pumps.

On Sunday, a technician inspecting a malfunctioning gas gum at the APCO gas station at 1725 Mission St. located a potential credit card skimming device, according to the Santa Cruz Police Department.

During an investigation into the incident, a police officer located and recovered three card skimmers from pumps at the gas station.

Investigators are working with the business owner to determine how long the devices were operating inside the gas pumps.

Police said there has not been any reports of victims suspecting their credit or debit cards were compromised at this location. The police department is encouraging customers who used their card to pay at the pump at the station to monitor their statements and banking records for fraudulent activity or to cancel their card.

Police said older gas station pumps are more susceptible to this type of skimming device.

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