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San Francisco measures potential impact of PG&E bankruptcy

With Pacific Gas & Electric preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by the end of the month, San Francisco officials are reassuring residents and businesses that the power will stay on.

Mayor London Breed said in a statement that PG&E’s announcement to file bankruptcy will not affect service in The City:

“People will still have complete access to power in their homes, their businesses, and throughout our City. San Francisco’s public power program CleanPowerSF will continue to operate, and San Francisco will continue to invest in our ability to deliver clean power for our residents.”

The PUC runs the CleanPowerSF program, in partnership with PG&E, delivers cleaner energy such as solar and wind to residents through existing PG&E poles and wires.

Breed is also calling upon The City’s Public Utilities Commission to study the bankruptcy will have on The City:

“I have directed the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to study any near and long-term impacts this bankruptcy will have on our city and to identify any and all options we have to ensure that everyone in San Francisco has access to clean, safe, and reliable power.”

The PUC wrote on its website:

“The SFPUC is studying the near and long-term impacts of a PG&E bankruptcy and identifying all possible options to ensure continuity for all San Francisco power customers — including the possibility of acquiring or building electrical infrastructure assets.”

PG&E is facing the possibility of up to $30 billion in liability for damages in the Northern California wildfires in 2017 and in 2018.

PG&E said in a statement that the bankruptcy proceedings will allow the company to continue to provide gas and electric service to customers and to support the potential liabilities that the company faces from the wildfires.

Gov. Gavin Newsom said he has been following PG&E closely and his directed his staff to meet with PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission, who regulates PG&E, ensure customers will continue to receive safe power and gas:

“While PG&E announced its intent to file bankruptcy today, the company should continue to honor promises made to energy suppliers and to our community. Throughout the months ahead, I will be working with the Legislature and all stakeholders on a solution that ensures consumers have access to safe, affordable and reliable service, fire victims are treated fairly, and California can continue to make progress toward our climate goals.”

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