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Parking control officer caught on video hitting parked car, driving away


A video posted to Twitter shows an SFMTA parking control officer in their vehicle hitting a car parked at a hillside curb and then driving away.

In the video, taken from the Twitter user’s Nest security camera, the parking control officer is seen attaching what appears a parking ticket to the parked car. Subsequently, the officer’s vehicle backs up slightly down the hill, hits the parked car, and drives away.

According to the Twitter user, the incident occurred Tuesday around 12:10 p.m. on Bradford street between Cortland and Mojave streets.

SFMTA Twitter account responded to the Twitter user asking when and where the incident occurred. When the Twitter user asked if there is anyone his elderly neighbor could follow up with, SFMTA Twitter account advised him to file a report with 311, which it said would then produce a reference number.

It was not clear whether, or how much, the car was damaged.

Paul Rose, chief spokesperson and media relations for SFMTA, told SFBay in an email:

“Our enforcement team was notified and immediately started an investigation. Any time a parking control officer makes contact with another car, the same rules for the general public apply to them. Officers should notify their supervisor and note should be left on the vehicle if the owner is not present. It’s too early to comment on next steps, other than we will investigate and take appropriate action.”

The Twitter user didn’t respond for comment. His neighbor, whose car was hit, could not be reached for comment.

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