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City reaches settlement with concrete companies accused of dumping

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon announced Thursday that his office has settled a lawsuit against three Bay Area concrete supply companies accused of dumping hazardous waste onto city streets.

Central Concrete Supply Co. Inc., Bode Gravel Co. and Bode Concrete LLC were charged with dumping commercial waste and hazardous waste on public streets, where the waste had the potential of going into storm drains and ending up in the Bay, Gascon’s office said.

The three companies have agreed to pay $150,000 in civil penalties and $50,000 in case-related costs to resolve the litigation.

Gascon said in a statement:

“Protecting our city from pollutants and waste is more than just a local issue, it’s our responsibility to the environment … Companies that engage in unsafe and irresponsible business practices can have lasting detrimental impacts on the environment. The stakes are too high for their conduct to go unchecked.”

The drivers working for the companies allegedly would routinely wash their trucks on city streets, allowing watery concrete waste to be left behind. The waste would often be sprayed into the city’s sewer system, where it would end up being discharged into the Bay and possibly harm aquatic life, Gascon’s office said.

In accordance with the settlement, the companies will be required to retrain all employees who drive concrete trucks to wash their trucks lawfully, meaning that they can’t wash concrete residue onto the street or into the sewer.

The companies will also be required to maintain stickers on their trucks with a toll-free number for the public to report any illegal washing. Furthermore, the companies must monitor complaints regarding violations.

According to Gascon’s office, during the litigation, the companies showed positive changes to their practices, ultimately leading to the settlement.

In 2012, Central Concrete purchased Bode Gravel and Bode Concrete, making Central Concrete the parent company and the largest supplier of concrete in the Bay Area.

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