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Muni radio upgrades knock trains out of service

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has begun the installation of new radios into Muni trains in order to improve its communications with its operators.

In order to install the new radios, the SFMTA will take 10 trains out of service, with each train out of service for approximately seven days, said SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose:

“…We apologize for any inconvenience, as we install these vital tools that will improve safety, operations and communications across the system.”

Rose said that Muni riders may see single-car trains on the L-Taraval and M-Ocean View throughout the day. Normally, those Muni lines are two-car trains.

The transit agency will complete the installation by the end of March.

The installation of the new radios is part of a larger project to replace the transit agency’s analog radio system, which the technology dates back to the 1970s.

SFMTA staff working inside the Transportation Management Center will be able to talk to multiple operators at once, and “will also provide much greater user, vehicle, and data carrying capacity,” said Rose.

Rose added that the new system will also provide better information onboard the trains.

Muni riders may have noticed new “Stop Requested” electronic signs and automated announcement of transit stops inside the subway and on the street-level on some of the trains already.

The SFMTA plans to complete the installation of the new radios by the end of March, said Rose.

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