Cops offer holiday shopping safety tips


San Rafael police are cautioning shoppers to be careful this year as they visit the malls and stores to purchase holiday gifts.

Shoppers should park in well-lit areas and remain aware of their surroundings, police said. Shopping in groups is a good way to deter would-be thieves, and vehicles should never be left running, police said.

Any valuables in the car should be stored out of sight and cars should always be locked, according to police.

It’s also very important that shoppers remember never to leave their purses in the shopping cart, even for a minute, police said.

Also, purses should be carried close to the body, and wallets should be kept on the inside of coats or front pants pockets, according to police.

When using an ATM, shoppers should remain aware of their surroundings, police said.

Should a person become the victim of a crime, police said not to resist, but give the suspect the property demanded and immediately notify police after they are gone.

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