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Lynch practice participation could bring punishment to Oakland Tech


Oakland Technical High School may face punishment after allowing alum Marshawn Lynch to take part in practice this week.

The Raiders running back, who is suspended for one game week after contacting an official during an on-field altercation, took part in the varsity team’s practice Friday night. Lynch posted a video on Instagram in which he, wearing Raiders gear, is seen running attempting Bulldog tacklers, who are getting a clear kick out of the experience:


Lynch’s participation, as originally reported by TMZ Sports, was in violation of rules set forth by the Oakland Unified School District:

“Only 9th through 12th grade students may practice with or compete on a high school team. [Lynch’s] participation in the practice did not comply with Oakland Athletic League’s rules and regulations. Site administration did not receive prior notice that Lynch would be attending an after school practice.”

According to one school official, per TMZ Sports, among the possible sanctions could be a suspension for the team.

Kalama Hines is SFBay’s sports director and Oakland Raiders beat writer. Follow @SFBay and @HineSight_2020 on Twitter and at SFBay.ca for full coverage of Raiders football.

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