Kerr announces Warriors Al Attles night surprise


Long before the Golden State’s epic Steve Kerr era, it was the legendary Alvin Attles who put the Warriors on the map, famously leading the 1974-75 team to its first NBA Championship as a West Coast franchise.

Attles, who has been a part of the organization since 1960 when the team was based in Philadelphia, holds the longest continuous head coaching run in Warriors history, leading the team for 13 years before retiring in 1983. Since his retirement, Attles has maintained a strong humanitarian presence and on Friday night the team will honor him and his contribution to the organization and the Bay Area with Al Attles Night at Oracle Arena during a showdown with the Washington Wizards.

Though Attles himself will not be in attendance due to hospitalization — reasoning was undisclosed, however Kerr assured “he’s OK” — his family will be in present, along with a special guest Kerr announced at Thursday’s practice:

“For your entertainment and the fans, I will be dressing up in an Al Attles 70s suit tomorrow night. We were lucky enough to find a clothier here in town who donated an Al Attles outfit.”

But Stephen Curry had a different idea as to where Kerr obtained the retro attire as well as some advice for Kerr on how to make the costume more authentic:

“I think Steve got that out of the back of his closet, I think he already had that in there. … I would probably just draw on some chest hair, I don’t know what coach’s manscaping is like, but maybe get that going”

All joking aside, Curry expressed his admiration for Attles and the work he has done and continues to do for the organization, citing Attles as one of the first people he met after he was drafted by the Warriors in 2009. Curry pointed to the photographs of Attles painted on the walls of the Warriors Training Facility while reminiscing about Attles’ influence both on and off the court :

“The fact that he’s still involved in the organization is huge. Just from his legacy as a Warrior and what he means to the Bay Area … it’s unbelievable, everybody should aspire to be hanging in the rafters next to him.”

The first 10,000 fans at Friday’s game will receive an Attles bobblehead , but all fans in attendance will be able to see what is sure to be a stylish tribute from Kerr.

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