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Vallejo dog breeder sued over illegal kennel

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed suit against a Vallejo dog breeder and seller for allegedly keeping her animals...

90-year-old Panhandle pedestrian killed

A 90-year-old man killed by a vehicle near San Francisco's Panhandle on Wednesday evening was the third pedestrian killed...

Bill locks in funds for farmworker housing

Gov. Jerry Brown Wednesday signed legislation that provides permanent annual funding for Napa County’s three farm worker seasonal housing...

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  1. How smart would these robots have to be to be better behaved than some of the people who are totally immersed in their smartphones? Wouldn’t it be more likely for them to walk into a blind person? I saw a newsclip where a woman – I think it was in NYC – walked into a street-delivery elevators – the kind that have double doors set into the street, and made of iron with cat-eye shaped bosses – and over the raised door she went. It was sad that she was badly injured, but I couldn’t help laughing at the sight of her being flipped by the door.

    And the same with the AVs: they can run one red light and so many say that they are still unsafe, but how many human-driven cars are running red lights with few saying that these driven cars are unsafe?