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Green: ‘I laughed in his face and it felt pretty damn good’

If there’s one person on the Golden State Warriors who knows what it’s like to have a social media fiasco, it’s Draymond Green.

Stretching back all the way to the 2016 offseason, memories of Green’s infamous Snapchat mishap — which included NSFW images of the star forward’s “nether region” — still provoke laughter throughout the team.

So much in fact that Green took it upon himself to get a bit of payback in the wake of fellow Warrior Kevin Durant’s Twitter snafu that took the Internet by storm earlier this week.

When asked how he reacted to the incident, Green said:

“I reached out, I talked to him through text the day of. And then the next day, I saw him in person and I laughed in his face.”

Green continued:

“I reminded (Durant) of my mishap when we were at USA Basketball the day my mishap happened. I was stressed out and I remember him laughing in my face from him, to DeMarcus (Cousins), who probably was the worst. And the beat goes on, they all laughed at my face. So it was a little pay back. I stood right there and laughed in his face and it felt pretty damn good to do it.”

The aforementioned slip up stemmed from a pair of tweets from Durant’s account in which he directly criticized his former team in the Oklahoma City Thunder and head coach Billy Donovan.

Durant has since publicly apologized for the incident, even admitting that he has had trouble sleeping and eating in the aftermath of the public lashing of his former team and coaching staff.

Luckily for Durant, he can rest assured that he has a teammate in Green who can find the humor in the situation, even if it comes as a bit of retribution.

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