$1,000 fines proposed for Dolores Park litterers


Dolores Park partiers who fail to pick up after themselves may soon be subject to higher possible fines.

Legislation introduced by Supervisor Jeff Sheehy earlier this month would increase the fines for littering and dumping in the park from $192 to $1,000 and allow park patrol officers to write citations.

The legislation also bans glass in parks citywide in most cases.

Sheehy said in a statement:

“Park users must be responsible for packing out items they bring into the park. … Broken glass in our parks is a danger to families, children, and pets.”

Littering has been an ongoing problem at enormously popular Dolores Park, which tends to become packed on sunny afternoons.

The park was renovated at a cost of more than $20 million last year, and city officials added facilities including new bathrooms with 23 more toilets and additional trash and recycling capacity.

In addition, the park also now hosts Eco Pop-Up, a staffed triple-sorting site allowing park users to sort their waste into recycling, compost and landfill. Last year park users composted 81 percent of their waste at the pop-up.

The park has also become the subject of “Love Dolores” campaign urging visitors to take care of the park and clean up after themselves.

Phil Ginsburg, general manager for Recreation and Parks, said:

“We are asking people in Dolores Park to behave just like they would in Yosemite, respect the park – pick up after yourself and don’t bring glass. … Your choices are the difference between a clean park and a mess.”

And, possibly, a stiff fine.

The legislation is expected to go before the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee in June.

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