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Union accuses SF Chronicle of unequal pay

A union investigation into staff pay disparities at the San Francisco Chronicle has led to a charge taken out...

Bicyclist hurt in rush-hour crash on Cesar Chavez

A bicyclist was seriously injured in a collision in San Francisco's Mission District on Monday morning.

Golden Gate Bridge climbers could land in jail

A YouTube video showing two Wisconsin teens free climbing to the top of the north tower has prompted a...

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  1. Jerold Chinn, your réportage is sadly deficient: if, as you proclaim in your wild hyperbole, SF streets are ‘a nightmare for drivers’ (cars being a major cause of the damage to streets), what do you think it is for bicyclists who risk injury and even death out there? Are you just ignorant of the danger potholes pose for cyclists, or are you one of the bike-haters that you make no mention of this?