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Gusty storm slams, soaks Bay Area

Rain and high winds, including hurricane-force gusts in some areas, lashed the Bay Area overnight, brining down trees and...

Burning candle may have sparked Richmond fire

A burning candle igniting a blanket may have caused a three-alarm fire at an apartment building in San Francisco's...

Oakland hills landslide cuts water service

A landslide in the Oakland hills has left 23 homes without water service, a spokeswoman for the East Bay...

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  1. It comes to no great surprise if you’re a L-Taraval rider that the removal of the stops has speeded up service to some degree. It’s a small step, but was definitely worth pursuing. There is absolutely ZERO reason why trains had to stop every couple blocks. If you want door-to-door service then call a taxi/Uber, drive, or request para-transit assistance. Muni, and riders, need to rethink what they want out of service in this suburban area of the city. Do you want a faster, higher-capacity light rail system with dedicated ROWs and safe boarding islands/platforms that stops every 1/4-1/3 mile, or do you want a streetcar that operates slower than a bus. If you want the former, then push for more Muni reforms. If you want the latter, then push for bus substitution which will provide more local service and can operate in the far right lane which will be safer for boarding. Or, push for both. Muni can run local bus service (extend the 48 line down Taraval) and a faster rail with fewer stops.

    • 44th Avenue, 35th Avenue and 17th Avenue < All the stops both directions was suppose be removed, either they were not removed or partly removed. But few elders says they do not want to walk to far….so SFMTA decided to either delay or not remove it…
      When people ask the elders after the meetings they said they do not care and they want to get to the next stop safely and faster.
      Its also less confusion for people who live between those stops if (the 44th, 35th, 17th Avenue stops) were removed fully.