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Volunteers needed to help care for seals, pups

The Marin Mammal Center is looking for volunteers to help one day a week during the current elephant and...

Caltrain Trump protesters seek dismissal of charges

Demonstrators who blocked Caltrain tracks protesting Donald Trump's inauguration asked for all charges against them to be dropped.

Octogenarian couple killed in I-280 crash

Two people who died in a crash on Interstate Highway 280 in Menlo Park on Wednesday afternoon have been...

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  1. I agree with @sebraleaves:disqus, the SFMTA is caught in a no-win situation.

    Where the agency able to hire more contractors, or staff up, to spend the money faster, that’s just more projects to be caught in delays by calls for more outreach, changes, intervention from the Board of Supervisors, or whatever else gets thrown in the way.

  2. Even the SFMTA is having trouble spending money at the pace they are taking it in. There is a limit as to how many contractors can be hired and managed at one time. Problem is not with the spending. Problem is with the limitations on how the money can be spent. SFMTA has a humongous deficit that cannot be paid using the available funds. That is how screwy the system is. That is why the system needs to be fixed,