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Splash Brothers show teeth to young Wolves

It was literally a runaway of a game Tuesday as the Warriors stepped all over the visiting Timberwolves to...

Angels bury A’s with ninth-inning home run

If chicks truly dig the long ball, they might to want to migrate to Oakland for the summer.

SF eliminates renewal fees for taxi medallion holders

Transferable taxi medallion holders will no longer have to pay an annual renewal fee starting July 1, 2017.

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1 Comment

  1. Kawhi Leonard will win DPOY 2017. Best on ball defender for years to come. Teams are avoiding him like Deion Sanders . One on one no one wants him on him 1 thru 5.
    The Spurs are once again the best defensive team in the NBA WITHOUT Tim Duncan.
    Aldridge and Gasol are at best average defenders. Kawhi wins it going away.
    Everyone said Leonard benefited greatly from Duncan’s presence. Not the case.
    Just because someone brings his lunch pail and doesn’t love drama and technicals doesn’t mean he’s not worthy.