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  1. Surprisingly the 800 and 801 have came on time when I was taking them. This is over the last 4 years..Between taking the 800 from the area of Powell/Van Ness to 12th st in Oakland and then taking the 801 down to Hayward, both buses usually(around 70% of the time) came within 30 or even 25 minutes. This goes for both weeknights and Saturday nights. I was real surprised, partly because I’m a San Francisco native so I’m used to Muni who can’t follow timetables.

    The buses usually are packed but that’s to be expected because of the late night workers/clubbers/etc It could be worse..Hell, the 14 Mission at 3am going along Mission can easily be worse than both the 800 and 801.

  2. I rarely take the 800 because it’s slow and unreliable. Last time I tried to take it from Oakland to Berkeley, for example, I waited nearly 45 minutes for a bus even though it’s supposed to come every 20 minutes. I gave up and took Uber home. Haven’t bothered with the late-night bus since then.

  3. It’s the same problem with all of the longer distance late night busses. It’s just too slow. These busses operate at a time of night where there’s no traffic. There has to be a way to figure out a way to speed things up.