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San Francisco gives all genders equal access to dirty diapers

Parents who have a hard time finding a sanitary baby changing station will soon have a number of places...

Base jumpers plunge off building, land in jail

Two men were arrested for an alleged base jumping stunt from the top of a building in San Francisco's...

Three killed in Santa Cruz Highway 1 crash

Three people died in a collision Tuesday on state Highway 1 in unincorporated Santa Cruz County north of downtown...

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  1. you can post all the signs in the world but if people don’t read them or can’t read them, they don’t work. likewise you can talk talk talk about the problem but if the DA, the city, and the SFMTA don’t aggressively prosecute and publicly make clear this isn’t acceptable, it will continue as it has so far this year with a record number of incidents at the Sunset Tunnel and here. Suck on it, Muni rider – that’s the message Ed Lee and “DA” Gascon and the SFMTA have for you.