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Remembering best moments from six lost Giants

The Giants opened Spring Training in Scottsdale Tuesday without six of some of the organization's most beloved players.

Four people hospitalized with gunshot wounds after shooting

Police are investigating an attempted murder shooting Wednesday night in Salinas that sent four people to hospitals with gunshot...

Restaurant to pay $120k in restitution after serving imposter fish

A high-end Morgan Hill restaurant is under fire after being caught surreptitiously serving customers cheap fish while advertising and...

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  1. This is ridiculous. Can you imagine completely shutting down a major road, say Portola, for 15 days? If not, you can’t just shut down a major transit corridor for 15 days. First, this project should have been done at the same time as the blue light project– which, lest we forget, took far longer than predicted. Second, Muni needs to find some way to single-track and provide at least limited fast service, perhaps one-way, during rush hour. Third, what’s wrong with the original plan to do this on weekends? Fourth, if they are going to do it this way, they need to re-time lights so that busses don’t have to stop and do everything they can to duplicate the subway on the surface, with a minimum of transfers. If more money is required, pick a few roads to stop maintaining. . . .

    • Everyone should call the mayor’s office (415-554-6141) and their supervisor, and request a return to the weekend only closures, possibly with late night work. If that is not deemed possible, than insist on direct bus service with no transfers and timed lights.