Firefighters help two stranded motorists out of high water


With a couple of pushes and a carry, Menlo Park Fire Protection District firefighters helped two stranded motorists out of their cars, which stalled in high water Tuesday, fire officials said.

Three vehicles were reportedly stalled at 9:16 a.m. in the intersection of Bayfront Expressway, Marsh Road and Haven Avenue in Menlo Park.

The three vehicles had been traveling south on Haven Avenue when they got stuck in 2 to 3 feet of water, according to fire officials.

One vehicle, a food truck, was able to drive through the water to safety. The other two vehicles were passenger vehicles, each with one person inside.

Firefighters had the driver of one vehicle put the car in neutral while they pushed it out of the water.

The driver of the other vehicle was anxious, so firefighters carried her from her vehicle to safety, according to fire officials. Then firefighters pushed her vehicle to higher ground.

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