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Overnight police shooting under investigation

San Francisco police officers shot a man at his home during a struggle when they tried to contact the...

Jeff Sheehy appointed as District 8 supervisor

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has appointed a longtime HIV and AIDS activist as District 8 supervisor, the mayor’s...

Crabbers split price difference, end strike

A crab fishers' association on strike over the wholesale price per pound of Dungeness crab in Northern California reached...

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  1. Merchants really need to get on board to make these changes work, not drag their feet and make it a boondoggle. Things are not working the way they are, because people cant get to where they want to go. Learn from merchants on the F streetcar line, if you build high quality, reliable transit, you will bring many more people through the area. And then you need to tap that potential. If you rely on cars, you maybe get two to four people. But what about the thousands of others that pass you daily. Get them to come in to your store.

    Another point people ignore is that a huge part of the cost of this project and a majority of the disruptive construction is due to aging utilities. Regardless of the BRT project, we would need to dig up and replace sewer and water lines anyway. This is the most time consuming and disruptive portion of the work that needs to be done on Geary, Van Ness, Polk, and Taraval.

    It’s RIDICULOUS that these people are even claiming that merchants on Taraval are being hurt. Construction has not even started! But more, there are a lot of merchants that are struggling more because of greedy landowners that are driving up the price of rent to nonviable levels. There are a lot of aspects that we need to examine to improve conditions, but merchant groups need to stop meddling like politicians in transportation.