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Masterful Bumgarner sharpens status as postseason legend

Conor Gillaspie's ninth-inning bomb off one of the best closers in baseball forced a collective exhale across the Bay...

SFO flights cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew

So far 14 flights into and out of San Francisco have been canceled Thursday due to the impacts of...

Dolores Park pissoir lawsuit dismissed

A lawsuit filed by a religious group seeking the removal of an open-air urinal or "pissoir" recently installed at...

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  1. Regarding the streetlamps. If there is a will, there is a way, and while it fits the current character of the street, we cant have everything stuck in the past. The new LED lighting will provide much better coverage and hence safety for all users of the street. BUT if we go back and redesign the whole project over again, someone else should pay for the change, not MUNI. While MUNI initiated the project, the largest and longest impacts are going to be the underground utility replacements.

    • The people who care about the decaying street lamps may consider themselves liberals, but they’re completely out of touch and are fighting improvements that will take cars off the road, give people more time in their day, and plant new trees in this city. This obsession with the old is from a position of privilege. Explain to me why workers struggling to make rent should have improvements to their lives held up in lengthy, expensive discussions over the deep importance of this: