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49ers allowing Blaine Gabbert a long leash

Blaine Gabbert's first two starts for the 49ers have been underwhelming, but Chip Kelly is rolling with him anyway....

A’s comeback bid stalls in tight loss to Houston

Another A's rookie pitcher got left in the dust by a weak offensive performance,

Bad Yelp review heads to state Sup­reme Court

The California Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that could determine whether Yelp Inc. and similar websites can...

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  1. Good to see Safety Improvement is being displayed.
    Working with Safety and Addressing impact good balance.

    The project should be optimized the stops and removed stops as they originally planned.

    • AGREE. But unfortunately this project became so watered down from the merchants and Paula Katz who’s self proclaimed senior advocate did not even want the boarding islands that would not only ease boarding and alighting by reducing that first big step but provide them that safe place that they never had. Would you walk a block to know that you wouldn’t have to scramble in front of cars to make it to the train? It causes a lot of anxiety and unfortunately none of these “save taraval” advocates will recognize that quality of life is in decline as cars have dominated Taraval. Let’s just pretend that everyone does their part, cars stop for trains and follow speed limits… Peds look both ways and cross at crosswalks… We’re engineering our way out of our failures to respect one another.