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BART readies cash rewards for off-peak riders

A six-month pilot program will offer cash rewards to BART riders who avoid commuting during peak times.

Female motorcyclist hurt in Pacific Heights crash

A woman riding a motorcycle suffered life-threatening injuries in a collision in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood Monday night.

Firm accused of misleading immigration clients

The San Francisco City Attorney's Office has filed suit against a Bernal Heights firm alleged to have misled clients...

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  1. Notice impartial attitude of David Chui,regarding,cordial response while sitting. MUNI cars apparently hasen’t resolved: inadequate transit system for “global renowned” San Francisco. Ed improve BART and Metro lines with tunnels encircle geographical areas,surface bus lines. Inept traffic yes,approved REITS whom never miss persist getting approved. Generating not revenue traffic conjections horrible “CALTRAN”…recommend funding higher taxes. REITS associations dept of Transportation bonds Ed,saying 2nd tunnel for BART? Not smart efficiency 4 due increase population,San Mateo and South Bay possibly “elevated lines” Ed. Revert economics of “Transpacific region” apart from urban planning,logistics efficient San Francisco gotten acclaim. Gentrification global prosperity neglected,adequate transportation “Chinatown line” only fraction of improvements to MUNI. Ballots we go 2017! NYC considering “light rail” Brooklyn and Queens extension of subway lines. Metro funding essential simply incur higher taxes: cartels and REITS whom causing agitation due increase of population and passenger traffic. Recommendation I support removing majority of “parking structures” downtown without frown. Why? Traffic can be efficient buses and bicyclist.