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Gas prices creep lower in San Francisco

While California gas prices remain among the highest in the nation, abundant supplies this summer have led to relatively...

New SamTrans routes serve Peninsula students

Students returning back to school in the Peninsula will now have an easier way to get to and from...

Woman convicted of killing neighbor with bat

A San Mateo woman was convicted Tuesday of second-degree murder for killing her neighbor last year with a baseball...

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  1. The Mission Street transit improvements are wonderful and they certainly are fitting of a city that considers itself to be “transit first.” Riding Muni on Mission, especially the 14 R, is finally a more reliable and less slow, cumbersome, and inefficient experience. Thank you to the SFMTA for the red lanes and other improvements.

  2. We are told to fix the traffic and parking problems SFMTA brought to Mission Street that killed businesses and drove customers away will cost a lot of money and take years to accomplish. People on Taraval and Lombard take note. Demand that they paint and test their plans before pouring any concrete. Don’t settle for anything more now that you see the mess on Mission Street. Surveys on Mission and Castro streets show up to 55% loss of income among merchants since the streetscape improvements. JUST SAY NO! And support the SFMTA Charter Amendment: stopsfmta.com

  3. The SFMTA has spent MILLIONS of our Tax dollars on “road diets” by closing streets and removing driving lanes claiming that the streets are “too fast and dangerous.” Now that they have GRIDLOCKED the streets
    they are spending BILLIONS MORE to increase the speed of buses with Transit only lanes and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Projects.

    SFMTA planners wont admit that that their plans aren’t working; it’s those stupid commuters, truckers, and other travelers who should be riding bikes and walking instead of driving. San Francisco is now rated the third worst in the country for parking the second worst for driving. Muni delivers less than 98.5% of scheduled service and has never met 85% of on time performance.

    These JOB KILLING “Rapid Transit” projects have been paid for by passing bonds that increase our property
    taxes and rents. The MUNI routes are are no faster than they were before the changes were made so why is the city still pushing these terrible projects on to the public? Residents and businesses have had ENUF! A recent poll by the Bay Area Council reports that 34 percent of city residents are planning to move move away, citing high housing costs and GRIDLOCKED traffic as reasons.