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Rookies Healy, Manaea lead A’s to 5th win since break

Rookies Sean Manaea and Ryon Healy helped secure another A's win, 1-0 in 13 innings Friday night.

Alaska Airlines announces San Jose-Newark service

Mineta San Jose International Airport officials announced Alaska Airlines will offer a daily, non-stop flight to the New York...

Dogs walk the field for A’s Bark at the Park

Oakland Athletics fans and players let their dogs out onto the Oakland Coliseum field Friday evening for "Bark at...

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  1. Boarding islands are typically ADA-accessible and significantly safer and more visible than on-street stops. Did anyone ask seniors and elderly in the community if they’re impacted by the change? Usually this group is out in force when transit changes like this are suggested. From the tone of this article, it sounds like residents are conveniently using seniors and elderly concerns for their own gain.

  2. Hey Mr. Chow of Great Wall Hardware: What will change your mind to build a boarding island and sacrifice a few parking spaces? You witnessing a passenger get hit, injured or killed in front of your store?

  3. One of the speakers at the hearing suggested putting signs on buses to alert drivers to the departing passengers and red flashing lights on the back of the buses to alert drivers to the departing passengers the way the school buses do, or used to do, instead of constructing islands that will be in the way of everyone, including the police and fire department personnel having to navigate Taraval.

    • San Francisco and Muni do so much for our senior citizens. We ride at half price or free if we need the money. Because we got here first many of us own our homes or lucked into a rent controlled apartment. When we get on the bus or metro there is usually a nice person to offer us seat. Now, Muni wants to speed up transit a little so that people can get to their jobs so that they can contribute to our social security. Sometimes this means that Muni has to move our stop by a block. Rather than just complain and say no changes we should happily walk the block. This is the least we can do. However, if we need to rest before we continue walking, Muni should provide us with a bench near our old stop. We have the time and a little extra walk can be pleasant. We should feel good while we walk to help improve transit so that fewer people will choose to drive and feel even because we walk to help clean our air and combat climate change.

  4. loud and noisy angry will always prevail at the SFMTA. why should we vote for their stupid sales tax if all they’re going to do is capitulate to loud prostestors?