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Balboa Park BART faces weekend closures

San Francisco's Balboa Park BART station and the tracks between Glen Park and Daly City will be closed for...

Hundreds hired at Oakland career summit

About 300 young people found jobs Thursday in Oakland at the first nationwide stop for My Brother's Keeper Alliance:...

Altamont fire expected to burn for days

Alameda County firefighters say a new fire at the Altamont Landfill is producing a large amount of smoke and...

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  1. If City Hall and the SFMTA are trying to reduce deaths on the road they should start with their own drivers. This year alone MUNI drivers have hit, run over, crushed, pummeled, and pulverized everyone from little old ladies to chickens who were trying to cross the road. The only thing I haven’t seen a MUNI driver do is to hit someone, then throw their bus in reverse to run them over again to finish the job.

    In 2014 SFMTA claimed that the streets were too fast and they needed to be “calmed” with road diets and “Vision Zero”. This year the MTA is saying that their newly “calmed” streets are too slow and they need to spend
    billions more to on BRT’s and “transit only” lanes to speed up MUNI. So what is it MTA? Are the streets too slow or too fast? How much more Taxpayer money do you need to draw a conclusion?

    City Leaders can’t “Vision Zero” their own fleet of public transit vehicles so how are they going to “Vision Zero” the rest us? Since SFMTA’s Vision Zero was forced upon the citizens of San Francisco the number of MUNI (at fault)
    traffic accidents and deaths have remained virtually unchanged. SFMTA Director Ed. Reiskin and the rest of the incompetent SFMTA Board should rename “Vision Zero” to “Do as we say, not as we do.”