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Three Zika cases diagnosed in San Francisco

Three new cases of the Zika virus among San Francisco residents have been diagnosed in the past two weeks.

Cal student missing, three injured after Nice attack

Three University of California at Berkeley students were injured and one remains missing after an attack Thursday night in...

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  1. Can you write a story about how bad of a deal GatorPass was for most students.

    51% of SF State students don’t live in San Francisco City/County.

    I live in East Bay. Roundtrip on BART costs me $8. Even if I went to campus 5 days a week thats $2 discount * 5 days * 4 weeks = $40 savings. Except the pass costs $45 / month. But I (and many others) don’t have class every day – I only go twice a week so the pass “saves” me $16 and costs me $45.

    Nevermind all the people who bike and walk to campus that are now having to pay $45 a month for no benefit.

    The only people this pass benefited were the students living in San Francisco who saw their monthly MUNI pass go down from $70 to $45, while everyone not living in the city is paying to subsidize them.

    Turnout for the GatorPass election was only 11%, and they effectively passed a 5% tuition increase on the rest of the student body.