Residents reminded of risks of disposing used motor oil


San Francisco officials are reminding residents that dumping used motor oil is not safe for the water system and the environment. It’s also illegal to dump oil on City streets and drains.

At a press conference on Friday with Supervisor Katy Tang and the Department of the Environment, officials said residents should recycle used motor oil at places like the Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change on 19th Avenue and Noriega, where the press event was held.

Residents who bring in their used motor oil can receive $0.40 for every gallon they bring in. Collection centers accept up five gallons per visit. The department said residents only need to give their name when dropping the oil.

Tang said in a statement that she recalls helping her dad change the oil to their car when she was young:

“I know firsthand how important proper disposal is for keeping up our communities clean and also protecting the environment.”

The department for two months has been promoting a campaign targeting different communities to recycle used motor oil by placing in different languages including Chinese language billboards, Muni bus ads and online ads.

Director of the Department of Environment Debbie Raphael, said in statement that it was important to keep the San Francisco Bay clean of motor oil and to educate residents on how dispose the oil:

“Our neighborhood based collection centers like Pennzoil make it easy for residents to show up with their oil and leave feeling like they’ve done their part to protect the Bay.”

The city has 23 participating auto body or garage shops that will take used motor oil, the department said in including four in the Sunset District.

The department reports that collection centers collected 27,000 gallons of oil. About 30 percent of the oil collected came from the Sunset District.

Anyone who attended the press conference received a free oil pan.

Residents can lookup collection centers on the Department of Environment’s website along with other tips on how properly dispose used motor oil.

Jerold Chinn
Jerold Chinn is the San Francisco Bureau Chief of SFBay and covers transportation and City Hall. He has spent a decade covering transportation in San Francisco. Jerold is a San Francisco native and frequently takes public transit everywhere he goes. Follow Jerold on Twitter @jerold_chinn. Email tips to jerold@sfbay.ca.

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