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Oracle fans, social media react to Game 6

The final outcome of Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers finished off with dramatics fit for an episode of “The Real Housewives” — save a trip to Cancun and table-flipping, of course.

Game 6 also served up a healthy dose of fuel for NBA conspiracy theorists everywhere, thanks to spotty officiating leading fans and media alike to suspect a rigged series — including Warriors star Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha. 

Curry burst his angelic persona Thursday night as a foul called against him sent Curry into a rage and bounced him from the game. Unsightly language was let out as well as Curry’s ionic mouthpiece, as it flew across the floor and hit Andrew Forbes, son of the Cavaliers co-owner sitting courtside.

Curry quickly apologized as boos rang out in Oracle Arena during the Watch Party as the Jumbotron showed his exit.

After Friday morning’s announcement that the NBA fined Head Coach Steve Kerr and Curry $25,000 — Kerr for criticizing the game officials postgame, and Curry for throwing his mouthpiece — the belief that the NBA is rigged continued on Facebook:

  • ChaCha Smith: “Well I’m no basketball fan…but even I could tell the game was SO RIGGED. OMG….it was sickening.”
  • Jessica Del Mar Ching: “Refs made some bad calls they should be the ones getting fined … NBA needs to evaluate the refs too not just the players. I respect both teams but it looks like the game is rigged.”
  • Teri Norman Kluball: “I don’t agree with the fines, but I think the comments were worth every penny. Something definitely needed to be said.”

Fans left Thursday night’s Oracle watch party angry and disappointed about the outcome but expressed confidence that the Warriors would have no issues winning Game 7. Members of Dub Nation told SFBay they rely heavily on the Warriors “Strength in Numbers” mantra, flashing their blue and gold while showing undeniable charismatic Bay Area swagger.

One fan, identifying himself as Jonathan, told SFBay:

“It’s a Warriors parade … that’s all I know.”

Another fan, Alexis, surrounded by her friends and fellow fans issued a challenge to the Cavaliers and their fans in the lowest, most intimidating tone her voice could go:

“Bring it! Let’s go!”

Perhaps speaking on the behalf of the majority of Bay Area Warriors fan base, Marie put a hand on her hip, smacked her lips and simply put:

“We’re winning it. And we would rather win it at home.”

The Warriors take on the Cavaliers in the battle of all battles Sunday at 5 p.m.

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