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SF voters give boost to affordable housing

San Francisco voters on Tuesday embraced a measure raising the amount of affordable housing developers are required to provide...

Wiener, Kim advance to November showdown

Scott Wiener held a narrower than expected lead over Jane Kim in the hotly contested State Senate primary Tuesday.

Incumbents prevail in Alameda County races

Incumbents prevailed on Tuesday in the races for a seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and four...

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  1. The Giants’ bullpen isn’t struggling. It stinks to high heaven, though Lopez was able to record an out, which I guess is something. Casilla, essentially pitching around a .235 hitter so that he could face the top of the order with runners on first and second and no outs is a strategy you don’t see every day. Of course, there is nothing that Bochy or Righetti can do about that, because if they so much as try to talk to Casilla, let alone replace him as closer, he will feel “disrespected,” throw another tantrum and whine to the next sportswriter he meets. Osich, a lefty pitching out of the stretch getting double-stolen on is something else you don’t usually see. The Core Four guys continue to age out (or, in Casilla’s case, flake out) and the young guns who were supposed to replace them continue to disappoint. I know, we’re still in first place, but there are signs of trouble ahead.