Aggro bees send two to hospital


Two people went to a hospital Saturday after they were stung in Concord by what an expert called aggressive bees, police said.

Officers responded at around 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. to the 3800 block of Hitchcock Drive to reports of a swarm of aggressive bees.

A postal carrier and the owner of a home where hive was located both went to a hospital and were released after being treated for stings.

By Saturday evening the hive had been removed but a number of dislocated bees were still in the area, Mt. Diablo Beekeepers Association member Norman Lott said.

Lott was getting ready to lay a temporary hive with bait to attract the dislocated bees and destroy them so they will no longer be a threat to people or animals.

He said only a DNA test could say whether the bees were Killer Bees.

Police called Lott to see if he could help the owner of the home where the hive of aggressive bees was located.

Many residents reported getting stung. Lott said:

“They are pretty much off the charts aggressive.”

Blakley said yesterday evening fewer bees were in the area than earlier, and he felt safe enough to get out of his patrol car.

Police earlier Saturday were looking for a solution so no one else gets hurt. Lott said his plan might work:

“Maybe this is a way we can do it.”

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