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Driver in fatal Vacaville crash succumbs to injuries

A woman who was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries after a fatal highway vehicle crash in Vacaville...

Girl Scouts flood Golden Gate Bridge in annual walk

More than 6,500 Girl Scouts crossed the Golden Gate Bridge Saturday afternoon, celebrating their annual tradition "Golden Gate Bridging."

Warriors pummel Blazers in decisive Game 1

Klay Thompson and Draymond Green stepped up to dominate the Portland Trailblazers in Game 1.

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  1. The closest bart station to me takes like $8 a day round trip to get to the SFSU campus. 25% means 2 dollars off a day which LETS SAY I take a full 5 days a week. That’s 10 dollars a day of “SAVINGS”. $10 a week of savings x 16 weeks of class = $160.

    $180 for the pass. I’m losing 20 bucks a semester which is worse than how pricey it was with out the discount…

    Pray that they increase the discount to like 50%

  2. There’s no BART discount. The school is covering the 25% out of pocket.

    Further, the 25% discount doesn’t even cover the monthly cost of the pass for just about everyone living outside the city. GatorPass was a bad deal for the majority of students.