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BART rider assists in bike theft arrests

A BART rider assisted in capturing alleged bike thieves at the MacArthur BART station Monday morning after reporting suspicious...

Caltrain experiencing Wednesday morning delays

Caltrain passengers can expect delays of up to 35 minutes or longer this morning after a train broke down...

A’s break out the speed in search of runs

Struggling to score runs the Oakland Athletics have made a lineup change, putting a pair of speedy outfielders at...

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  1. Hey San Francisco. Your city Streets are starting to resemble those in North Korea and Communist China. Aside from your streets being poorly maintained they are now blanketed in Communist Red Paint. Your entire transit system is run by a totalitarian government that uses the infrastructure to both profit and prey on citizens.

    In 1999 voter passed Prop E, a Muni reform measure that Muni must meet an on-time performance goal of 85 percent by July 1, 2004. So how many times has Muni met the 85 percent required on-time performance mandate in the decade since the 2004 deadline? That would be zero. Whats has the SFMTA done since 1999? For starters they increased their spending from $350 Million to over a Billion dollars a year! Next, they increased our property taxes and our rents by passing a half dozen transportation bonds, then they inflated MUNI’s on time performance figures and paid themselves bonuses.

    San Francisco’s public streets are restricted to certain uses, where (Communist Red) transit only and bicycles are
    designated by senior government officials. The third lane is for average citizens who are not permitted to change lanes nor drive faster than 5 mph. Your city government has installed Forward facing cameras on public
    buses to enforce the Communist Red Transit Only lanes under the Transit Only Lane Enforcement (TOLE) Program

    Your Automobile transportation is further restricted by a series of regulations and laws that now ban them from various streets and public spaces including Market Street and Twin Peaks. The official “Transit First” propaganda
    from the SFMTA either lies by omission, or selectively presents facts to further the “state sponsored” agenda that has been approved by your supreme leader.

    “Muni Forward” is the same MUNI with a 20 Million dollar adjective and new PR campaign. At the end of the day MUNI is still chronically late, overcrowded, filthy, dangerous, and mismanaged.

  2. 28R-19th Avenue Rapid will benefits people that always complaining about time issue

    The 18-46th Avenue OB Route between Sunset and Sloat dont seem to at the best design (Traffic stuck)…but it has been corrected. 18-46th Avenue has 4 drivers in routes too