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Manning stains HGH allegations as ‘complete junk’

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning addressed throngs of Super Bowl 50 media Monday night in San Jose about the now-infamous Al Jazeera report that linked the star to alleged human growth hormone usage.

Clearly irritated about the mentioning of the report, Manning reinstated his innocence:

“It’s been completely fabricated what that story alleged what I did, it’s complete junk.”

The report, now a month old, contained claims from pharmacist Charlie Sly unveiling that drugs were sent to Manning’s wife, Ashley Manning “all the time” in 2011, when Manning was still on the Indianapolis Colts recovering from a neck injury.

Since then, Sly has withdrawn his remarks regarding the Mannings, stating he made everything up.

Photos by Scot Tucker/SFBay

The credibility of the story and its author are highly questioned, but the imprint of the allegations has been left on the Manning household.

The NFL is investigating the allegations.

During the NFL’s first-ever Super Bowl media night, Manning took the opportunity to once again clear his good name, saying he welcomes any investigation the NFL brings his way:

“I welcome it. I know exactly what they are going to find. A big, fat nothing because I know the rules, I respect the rules and regulations of the NFL and they’re important to me.”
When asked if he will allow the NFL to have his records and various documentation, Manning added:
“They can have whatever they want, but that will all take place after the season. Whatever they have to do, I welcome it 100%.”
HGH is a protein that activates receptors that tells cells to activate growth, and has become the subject of clinical research with the hope that the compound can be used for medical purposes.
On the eve of the Al Jazeera report that Manning received HGH in 2011, BALCO founder and nutrition expert Victor Conte went on a Twitter rant, which included his insistence that HGH offers little to nothing as a performance enhancer.
Manning’s comments Monday night allude to an interesting element, that the NFL may not have any documents or even statements from Manning.
In several instances, the NFL has thoroughly and immediately investigated teams or players suspected of wrongdoing. In this case, though, it’s beginning to appear that they aren’t yet doing so with Manning.
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