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Hillview redo rejected by Los Altos voters

A bond measure to fund renovations at a Los Altos park and community center was roundly rejected by voters...

Supes endorse need for subway master plan

San Francisco transportation planners will be busy over the next year coming up with a plan to find neighborhoods...

SF voters: Airbnb OK, Mission housing ban not OK

San Francisco voters on Tuesday rejected tighter restrictions on short-term housing rentals, as well as a moratorium on building...

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  1. The SFMTA seems Hell bent on Killing jobs on Powell street.

    I used to shop in Union Square but now that the SFMTA has closed Market Street and jacked up the Parking garage rates downtown I get more for my money by NOT shopping in San Francisco. I went shopping at the Serramonte Mall in Colma this weekend and there were no streets closed off to traffic and I paid NOTHING for parking all day. There were NO parking meters to pay, NO convenience fees to pay, NO PARKING TICKETS to pay, and NO cars being towed away from their parking lots. I was able to spend more in their stores, buy more for my family, and keep more of what I earn.

    All of the the staples are at Serramonte and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, Macy’s, Giants Dugout, JC Penney’s (formerly Mervyns), Target and BEVMO all have open streets & FREE PARKING ALL DAY. What a relief it is to travel around and shop in a city that PUTS THE “CONSUMER FIRST” instead of “TRANSIT FIRST”.

    • Most shoppers arrive to Union Square via transit. If you and other car-dependent people decide to shop in the suburbs, you will hardly be missed. Public safety takes a priority in this crowded pedestrian are over your ability to park a car. Get over it.