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One dead after Highway 1 crash

One person was killed and another suffered major injuries in a multi-vehicle collision on state Highway 1.

San Jose top cop jumps to lead Tracy PD

San Jose's police chief has been selected to lead the Tracy Police Department in San Joaquin County.

Caltrain fare hikes roll toward public hearing

Early next month the public will be able to comment on the proposed changes to Caltrain fares and station...

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  1. you can have all the plans you want ,but after the Central Subway failure, with billions unaccounted for, you are NOT going to get the federal money you will need to pay for “more subways” as Wiener claims he wants. Wiener is running for office and needs to burnish his transit cred for mailers for a State Senate race. He could give two shits about “subways” once he gets a new job and bigger pay in Sacramento. The fact the press gives him a pass because he uses big words says a lot about the press lol….

    • if it was that “easy” wouldn’t it be done? and do you really think that a region hostile to SF is going to pour billions into “more subways” for SF? But yeah, keep on living in dreamland it’s better than the reality of crap we live in now…

      • No, it wasn’t done because city planners kept putting it off and the BART board focused on suburban expansion. There’s been a trillion studies on this project, it’s fairly easy. What region is “hostile” to SF? The rest of the Bay Area? You think Contra Costa County, San Francisco County and Alameda County would shoot down a chance for inner-urban rail extensions? Did you see that 70% approval for billion dollar tax hikes for BART, even though SF overwhelmingly doesn’t use it?

        The MTC can’t play around anymore, and SFMTA wouldn’t be building a Geary subway so it might actually get done.

  2. Decades ago I sought to have BART look at a line up Oak Street from the Civic Center station. It’s purpose: a turnback for trans-Bay trains if the Mission corridor line were blocked, and mid-day car storage for some trans-Bay trains. Later it would be extended along Oak and Masonic toward a major intermodal station near the Golden Gate Bridge served by one of the routes from the East Bay. (Early BART plans talked of BART to northwest San Francisco.) Lacking support from my fellow BART Directors, I let it slip by.