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Bayley tops Sasha Banks in NXT TakeOver main event

Bayley and Sasha Banks made history in the main event of NXT TakeOver: Respect.

Puppy thieves snatch baby pitbull from shelter

A puppy was stolen from a San Francisco animal shelter Thurdsay afternoon and Animal Care and Control officials are...

Cops link Marin murder suspects with Golden Gate Park slaying

Three suspects arrested Wednesday in connection with a Marin County homicide have been linked to a second murder in...

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  1. I’ve never understood or appreciated the NPS’ heavy handed approach with this great local resource. It’s an urban beach and is going to be – and should be – used by people of all ages at all hours of the day and night. Who is anyone bothering by sitting by a fire at this beach at 10 or 11pm? Is there an answer that involves removing federal involvement from this local resource? I really don’t see this as a great use of my federal taxes.

  2. What is the problem their enforcement is trying to solve? Ocean Beach isn’t dangerous and people have campfires out there every night without a problem. This is absurd!