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Son suspected in retired teacher’s violent death

A woman who allegedly was killed by her son at her Fremont apartment last week was a retired teacher...

Man collapses, dies after coffee shop altercation

The suspicious death of a man who collapsed on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco after an altercation in...

Sonoma sheriff sued over alleged beatings

A federal lawsuit has been filed against the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office for the alleged beatings of more than...

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  1. Just get SFMTA to help BART build a subway already, Muni has neither the willpower or the funds to build any useful infrastructure. BART can do it because it has multiple counties chipping into the tax base, thus distribution of funds is greater in quantity.

  2. this is an absolute joke. 15 min improvement over 6.5 miles, best case. i thought we were the msot technologically advanced city. we are trying to “transform” our current 3rd world transportation system by creating a barely fast BUS. come on. scrap these plans and save the money for a subway. Geary BRT is a sick joke

    • Sure, it’d be built if we actually funded transit. But we dont. SOOOO we get a bus. And a bus that is still hampered by CARS abound. Transit would be just as fast as a subway if there weren’t traffic lights (and guess what, the only reason we need traffic lights is because of the traffic CARS create.) But we’re not going back 100 years, not even 50, we’re working within our means. ALSO , FYI, a huge cost here is for cars, and for utilities. Redoing sewers, water mains and all will be a huge portion of the budget, and a significant amount of time.

      So build this now, and get people going (sooner would have been better, obviously) but imagine what it would take to get a Subway EIR completed and funded and then BUILT. You’d be lucky to see it by 2030. (OR hey, you can just ban all cars and then we’d have no problems!)

    • A 15 minute savings on one of the busiest bus lines in the world is huge. 50,000 people ride the 38 each day. 15 minutes per trip saves 12,500 hours every day. 15 minutes shorter travel time makes BRT competitive with driving.