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Muni ready to retire classic transfers

New Muni transfers printed by new fareboxes are expected to speed boarding and eliminate theft.

Jerold Chinn

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  1. A Day Pass (excludeing the cable car), follows the model of other Transit agencies. A day pass (excludeing the cable car) would eliminate the need for a transfer, which is a good thing.
    Passports is a product, for those who want to ride the cable car.
    A Passport $17 (or 7.5, average rides) A Day Pass $5.75 (or 2.5 rides average rides).
    Many common commuters using MUNI, most average daily riders, infrequently ride the cable car.

  2. SFMTA should roll out a day pass (which excludes the cable car). VTA, and AC Transit, have a day pass via Clipper. Sadley Samstran, has a day pass but you must pay cash.
    Transfers need to go away and we need a day pass, that alone would increase revenue, for SFMTA. And it would be fair for all riders. Remember, if you ride transit daily, you really should buy a monthly pass.
    The other real complaint in this article is cubic, or what we know is clipper, they are so limiting, they hold back transit agencies, and anytime you want to do something with clipper or cubic, it is very costly to the agency.

    • Transfers should be kept, but a day pass (and also a weekly pass) is a great idea. AC Transit’s day pass is great. If you’re paying at least the equivalent of a day pass rate via Clipper (on a single day), you automatically get a day pass.

  3. Didn’t Samtrans have something similar, back in when it started in the late 70s? I remember a little printer next to the farebox which printed out a slip every time someone asked for a transfer.