Giants to return to White House as World Series champs


It’s been seven months since the San Francisco Giants were crowned World Series Champions — for the third time in five seasons — but the celebration isn’t over.

Thursday the Giants will take a break from their upcoming East Coast trip will walk through the doors of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to be congratulated by Barack Obama — again.

For many on the Giants roster, this will not be first time they’ve toured the White House, its gardens, or rubbed elbows with a president.

Relief Pitcher Javier Lopez will be making his fourth appearance at the white house, having been a member of the Boston Red Sox World Series team in 2007 then with the Giants since 2010.

Lopez joked when he told SFBay that he and Barack are practically best buds after so many visits:

“At this point in time me and Barack are just about as tight as he and any normal citizen could get.”

Jokes aside, Lopez added that every experience at the White House has been different and he appreciates every moment he spends there:

“For me it’s always a pleasure to be able to go to the White House. There’s a lot of history and its a historic building and the people that have filled it, not everybody gets a chance to experience that. I’m just going to try to drink it in. You never know when the next time is that you’ll be able to do it.”

Buster Posey, a member of the 2010, 2012 and 2014 World Series teams, said events and moments like this are good reminders of the accomplishments of the team:

“Its obviously an honor to get to be recognized at the White House, this will be my second time, I missed it the first time because I was injured. But again, its an honor. We have to appreciate what we accomplished last year and this is part of that.”

Giants manager Bruce Bochy said he’s looking forward to seeing the president again and for the players enjoy yet another special moment in history.

It is a tradition for championship sports teams to bring the president a gift on their visit to the white house, usually a jersey with the president’s name or ‘POTUS’ written on the back.

Bochy joked that after so many visits, the Giants are running out of gifts to give Obama:

“I’m not sure what his gift will be. He’s got just about everything we have.”

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