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Texas man dies diving for Abalone

A Texas man who was abalone diving with four other divers died in Tomales Bay Tuesday morning, a National Park Service spokesman said.

Spokesman John Dell’Osso said 67-year-old Gerald McGuire of El Paso, Texas was pronounced dead by paramedics with the Marin County Fire Department.

The divers were swimming away from their vessel in Tomales Bay toward the shore at the Point Reyes National Seashore when McGuire stopped swimming and appeared unconscious, John Dell’Osso said.

The divers brought McGuire on shore and tried to revive him and one of the divers swam back to the vessel and brought it to shore, Dell’Osso said.

The divers put McGuire back in the boat and headed to the opposite side of the lake at state Highway 1, Dell’Osso said. They called for help at 9:12 a.m. and the paramedics responded, boarded the vessel and tried to revive McGuire who was pronounced dead when they came ashore, Dell’Osso said.

Dell’Osso said the Marin County coroner’s office identified McGuire as the deceased diver.

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