Lil B curse takes out Harden and Rockets


It has been well documented. The BasedGod demands respect.

Brandon McCartney, aka Lil B, aka The BasedGod, is a guy that’s all about community, support, love and positivity. But for the few that choose to publicly disrespect Lil B, a curse awaits.

The curse first touched NBA superstar Kevin Durant, who might never win a championship because he chose to throw shade at The BasedGod in 2010. Lil B said Durant can still reverse the curse:

“For Kevin Durant, there is still a curse and the only way it can be broken is if we play a game of 21, one-on-one.”

The second victim was James Harden, who has celebrated on the court using a dance move Lil B says he created.

Lil B was in the Oracle crowd Wednesday night, watching as Harden broke the NBA record for most turnovers committed in a playoff game (13).

Lil B told SFBay Harden should have taken the chance he had to break the spell, all he had to do was show respect to The BasedGod:

“That’s all he had to do. The curse could have been broken if he explained the Lil B cooking dance celebration that he’s doing. But he doesn’t call it that, he uses it without saying what it is. That’s all he had to do.”

The curse on Harden was supposed to last through this playoff run, but The BasedGod works in mysterious ways. Through laughs, Lil B told SFBay Harden may not admit it, but he is definitely feeling the effect of the curse:

“Hopefully The BasedGod will drop the curse. I think James Harden knows the impact right now. I think he is feelin’ it right now.”

Lil B, 25, has been a Warriors fan his entire life, and has yet to see the Warriors achieve what they did Wednesday. He said he could feel that it was going to happen, that the Warriors were going to win the Western Conference Championship and head to the NBA Finals.

“This is brand new. That’s why I had to cash out big on a ticket and be here. It just feels so beautiful to support and see history. The Warriors are beautiful right now, doing amazing things so shout out to whole team.”

Next up for the Warriors is a best-of-seven NBA Finals series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, who came dangerously close to being next on The BasedGod’s curse list. For right now, Lil B says everyone is in the clear:

“Everything looks good right now.”

That’s not to say things can’t change. The BasedGod is watching.

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