Riley Curry shines as Game 1 MVP


Stephen Curry stepped up to the podium, and in tow was his two-year-old daughter Riley.

Curry sat down and his daughter slowly made it up two steps and plopped down. But quickly she realized everyone was looking at her father and not at her.

Not for long.

Riley demanded she sit on her dad’s lap, then completely stole the show.  When Curry started to answer his first question and Riley heard his voice over the microphone she said:

“It’s too loud daddy, be quiet.”

The room erupted with laughter.

She didn’t stop there. She yawned, rubbed her face, waved at the cameras, crawled under the table, then waved some more, and threw off the bow she wore on her head before deciding she’d had enough.

With a look that said ‘I’m done here,’ she stamped back down the steps and waltzed out of the room.

Of course, Twitter, Vine and Instagram blew up.

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